Clever Ideas for a Chic Kitchen Makeover

No matter how many kitchens you’ve seen, it’s always a pleasure to be welcomed into someone else’s. With today’s open-plan living, the kitchen is no longer tucked away in the back of the house and out of sight. It’s now an inviting space where cooking becomes part of family life. But what if your kitchen isn’t quite up to scratch? Read on for our top tips from interior designers on how to turn your tired, old kitchen into a bright and beautiful place that will make you feel at home! The kitchens Illawarra are one of the most high-quality kitchens and you should check them out.

If there is any room in the house with low natural light then this needs addressing first thing. This will become a problem because later on in the post, we’ll be looking at how to style a room. Natural light is key!

Install modern tiles in a fun color that will add character and warmth to your kitchen flooring. If you’re feeling more daring, try adding some patterned vinyl for an impactful effect. As well as making it look good, tiling also makes cleaning easier because dirt doesn’t get trapped in grout lines between uneven stones or slabs of wood like timber floors do.

Kitchens Illawarra

Liven up your walls with wallpaper or paint colors from a different era – choose one which contrasts with your tile choice but still fits into the ‘look’ you have going on with other features such as cupboards, taps and appliances etcetera. For example, if you prefer one color, then choose a contrasting wall color and vice versa.

Install a warming, contemporary stove that will look good with any other features you have in the room – stainless steel or black are two popular options for kitchens.

Add texture to your kitchen by adding some high-quality artwork above the dining table or on an open space against one of your walls. This can be anything from framed family photos to abstract paintings or even things such as photographs of natural scenery taken near where you live (or grew up).

Lastly, add personality into your kitchen with plants! In addition to looking great, they also provide oxygenation which is essential for healthy humans breathing happy air and making tasty food!