Work as Executed or As-Built Survey

When you’re building a new house, it’s important to inspect the work that has been done before moving in. There are two different ways of inspecting your property: Work As Executed or As-Built Survey. The difference is that an “as-built” survey will show what was actually built on your property whereas a “work as executed” survey only shows what was planned for construction. Surveyor Wollongong offer both of these options!

Surveyor Wollongong

When buying a new property, you can opt for an “as-built” survey to see what is actually in your home. If the house has been built according to plan and there are no major discrepancies between what was planned and what’s before you, then this option should be fine. However, if there have been changes made that weren’t noted on the plans or something doesn’t look quite right with how it’s being constructed, opting for an as-built survey may give you more insight into any potential issues going forward. For example: You might want to do an as-built survey when purchasing a new condo because condos often undergo structural changes after they’re completed which could lead to problems later on down the road such as mold build-up.

The other option is to have a “work as executed” survey done on your home instead. This type of inspection will show you how the builder planned for construction and not what was actually built, which means if they made any changes along the way or didn’t adhere to their plans during construction, then these discrepancies won’t be pointed out with this kind of report. The issue with an “as-built” survey is that builders often make changes after constructing a property without notifying them beforehand so it’s possible there might be issues left unaddressed in order to save time or money; whereas a work as executed survey would only reveal what was originally designed by the contractor/builder–nothing more.